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True or False. Our bodies need huge amounts of all of the minerals to function properly.


You may not know it, but your body is action-packed. Thrilling combat, construction, and maintenance go on night and day! Thanks in part to: The... MINERALS!! The Minerals are elements, but also nutrients that you get in food.

They have several functions to fill in your body. Some of them even join forces and act as antioxidants. What are antioxidants? Well... Help!

A gang of oxygen radicals attacking inside The Body. Oh no! The Body is aging too quickly. But fear not! Help is on its way.

Meet the superheroes in your cells: The Antioxidants. Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that protect The Body's cells from those harmful oxygen molecules: also called Free Radicals. Free radicals are leftovers from The Body's metabolism. They are Oxygen molecules with one spare electron. As they try to bind this electron in the Body, the cells decompose quicker, which makes your body age prematurely.

Antioxidants tie up this spare electron. Your body needs about twenty different minerals. Only five of them are antioxidants: Selenium, zinc, magnesium, copper, and manganese. But these super-important minerals are not only superheroes, they have important day jobs as well. Zinc strengthens the immune defences, metabolism, and production of insulin.

He is also your private beauty specialist who takes care of your hair and skin. You want Zinc fighting for you? Then eat this: Selenium is very powerful! She battles signs of aging and stimulates the immune defences and liver. She really helps in kicking toxins out of The Body.

When Magnesium is not combating Free Radicals, he works with strengthening teeth, enamel, and bones. In this he works closely with his best friend Calcium and their cousin Phosphorus. Calcium is not an Antioxidant, but she's important for teeth and skeleton. She also fights allergies and infections. Phosphorus, among other things, builds teeth and bones, and your genetic material: DNA.

Oh, and who is this? It's Sodium as found in salt. He's normally a good guy... But he and Calcium do not get along at all. Too much Sodium in The Body, and he will try to kick Calcium out.

Fortunately Sodium gets along better with Potassium. They balance each other perfectly. As in your cells: where they balance the electrical charges. And, as they also balance the salt and water in The Body, they keep blood pressure in check. Sodium raises your blood pressure: Potassium lowers it.

Manganese plays a part in the thyroid gland's most important hormone: Thyroxin. And she will gladly team up with Copper and Zinc to battle those Free Radicals. Copper, well she is a bit tricky, toxic in too big doses but great in small. Copper also gives Iron a lift in the bloodstream. Iron is not an Antioxidant but still a hero - he makes sure that the blood is transporting oxygen around The Body.

Ever wonder how hair and skin get their colour? Copper creates a pigment of black, brown, and red shades called melanin. It is melanin that darkens the skin after exposure to sunlight. Iodine and Chromium are not Antioxidants but still very important minerals. Iodine combats goitre - a swelling - in the thyroid gland...

and Chromium reduces the fats in your blood, and keeps your cholesterol in check. The Minerals are amazing! But most are only needed in tiny amounts. They are Trace Elements. You easily get the minerals you need by eating a good diet.

Hey, where did they go? Oh, probably just out fighting Free Radicals or... making your body work properly.