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Everything is chemistry – almost

Everything is chemistry – almost

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True or false. Chemistry is the study of interactions between different plant and animal species.

Everything is chemistry – almost

Throughout history, many learned men developed chemistry to what it is... The world's most fascinating start! I DON'T think! Yawn! I think we need a different approach.

We could start with saying what chemistry is good for. Chemistry is good for ... um... when you dye your hair? Or...

chemistry makes nail polish dry faster! Actually... you can save the world with chemistry. YES ... problems with our environment and climate ... ...

fish disappearing from our lakes and seas ... ... dangerous toxins found in foods ... ... We can do something about ALL of these with CHEMISTRY. Yeah, and chemistry also makes a battery last longer. And other important things, like - TASTIER BREAKFAST CEREALS!

And clean drinking water. Wouldn't it be cool if you could make drinking water from pee and poo! Astronauts already do that! Almost everything that happens in space and on Earth has something to do with chemistry. Chemistry can explain to you why trees lose their leaves before winter.

Chemistry makes you smarter when you check out what your energy drink really contains! Dangerous chemicals in the home? Chemistry tells you which to avoid. Chemistry helps you understand when you read about acid rain or cars that emit dangerous gases. Chemistry helps you understand how the sun, water, plants, animals and humans coexist in nature.

Chemistry often means doing experiments with liquids, powders, gases and more. Some experiments need advanced labs. Some you can do in your kitchen. Hi! I've done a chemical experiment.

Do you want to taste it? It's not poisonous, is it? No! I don't think so, anyway.. Nice!

What's in it? Lemon. Sugar. Water. What?

You call that chemistry? Yep! I made a solution that would duplicate the taste of this fizzy drink! It says... phosphoric acid, flavours, stabilizing agents, sweeteners, beta carotene ...

But that sounds like REAL chemistry! Everything you see in this kitchen is chemistry. Some things have been made by nature! But most of them come from a factory. These, for example ...

fizzy drinks... glass... plastic: chemistry from a factory! And these things: chemistry from nature! Just like that!

Ooh, I think there's a kind of chemical process going on in my belly right now! OH, TOO MUCH INFORMATION!