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Numerical patterns with a constant value: Applied

Numerical patterns with a constant value: Applied

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Numerical patterns with a constant value: Applied

Lina seems very busy after school these days. Ah, she’s making friendship bracelets! She plans to sell them at a craft fair… And the fair is just 10 days away! Lina needs to buy some envelopes to put the bracelets in – one envelope for each bracelet. But before Lina buys them, she needs to know how many bracelets she’ll have by the day of the fair.

Let’s see if we can help Lina figure it out... How many bracelets do you have so far? You made two on Monday. On Tuesday, you made two more – that’s four. And today, Wednesday, you made another two.

That’s six so far. It looks like there is a pattern! If you make two bracelets each day, you have two more bracelets than the day before. If you continue making bracelets at the same pace, you can extend the pattern to see how many you’ll have by the day of the fair! There are ten more days until the craft fair.

So let’s add 10 more places to our pattern. Now we need to carry on our pattern, adding two each time. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 And we land on… 26! In ten days, Lina will have 26 bracelets. Now she knows how many envelopes to buy.

Good luck at the fair, Lina!

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