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Times tables to 8x8

Times tables to 8x8

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82=8\cdot2 =

Times tables to 8x8

Have you practised all the multiplications with the numbers 1 to 7? Do you know them well? In that case it’s time to move on. Our next step is to start with the eight times table - these numbers. We’ll fade out the rest.

Practice the way you have learned. Read the tasks to the right, and say the answer out loud if you know it. Try to remember the answer, retrieve it from your memory. If you don’t remember, retrieve the answer from the table. You’re not supposed to calculate with your fingers or in any other way.

What you want to learn is to remember the answer, and know it automatically. The tasks include numbers from the eight times table as well as numbers you have practised before. Now you can get going! Good. Let’s do it again.

Repetition is the mother of all learning. Here are the same tasks in a different order. Repeat them until you no longer need to get the answers from the table. Here are the tasks again, a third time, in a different order. Press the pause button now.

Do you know all the answers by heart now? In that case it’s time for the next part of the exercise. Let’s remove the table to the left. Answer all the tasks without the table. If you need more practice, just go back to the previous step, that is practise with the help of the table.

When you know the answers to all the tasks instantly, you have learned all multiplications with the numbers 1 to 8. And you can say at once how many squares there are on a chessboard. 8 times 8, that is ...