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Privacy Policy

1. General

We at Binogi know that we are entrusted with great responsibility when our customers provide us with personal data, especially since much of that personal data relates to students. It is therefore of paramount importance to us that we process this data in a secure manner and ensure every step is taken to keep personal data safe, whilst making sure that we do not process more data than absolutely necessary to provide our customers with the service they need.

When you use our service, various personal data is collected. Personal data is data that can be used to identify you personally. This privacy policy explains what data we collect and what we use it for. It also explains how and for what purpose this happens and what rights you have as a data subject.

We would like to point out that data transmission over the Internet (e.g. when communicating by email) may be subject to security vulnerabilities. Complete protection of data against access by third parties is not possible.

2. Personal Data

2.1. Who are we?

Binogi AB 556852-7823
BOX 7527
103 92 Stockholm

And our daughter companies

Binogi Canada Ltd

Registry ID 4199442
2085 Maitland St
Halifax, NS B3K 2Z8

Binogi Finland Oy

Y-tunnus: 3008041-9
Mannerheimplatsen 1 A
00100 Helsinki

Binogi GmbH

Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE306968464
Essen Registernummer: HRB 27302
Girardetstraße 72
45131 Essen

Binogi Sverige AB (svb)

Org. nr: 556980-1201
Saltmätargatan 19
115 39 Stockholm

At any given time you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority in your country.

The handling of your information is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 EU. If you use the Service through your school, your school is responsible for the processing of your Personal Data while Binogi is responsible for the administrative processing of this data.

For further information, please send an email to:

2.2. What Personal Data do we process?

Binogi is built on a data minimization principle. The default level of operation is pseudonymized accounts, i.e. no personal information is retained by Binogi’s systems. In the event of such data being received, for example the user email address during Single-Sign On, these are stripped and the account is represented by a non-identifiable account number (pseudonymization).

The processing of IP addresses, and other user generated data, is done in such a way that the data can not be assigned to a specific data subject without requiring additional external information.

In the event that the customer requires Binogi to retain personal data, or other data that can be used to de-anonymize the user, such data is kept separate and subject to appropriate technical and organizational measures.

When you use the Service, some information is automatically gathered, such as:

  • Information pertaining to how you use the Service, how often you log in, the features you use and how you navigate between the various functions of the Service.
  • Content that you publish, create, upload and / or contribute to the Service.
  • Technical data such as URLs that let you access the website, your IP address and type of browser you are using.
  • Please note that we need the above information to be able to offer you Service. If we can not collect this information, we can not provide the Service.

In order to access certain features within Binogi, such as the teacher function, we collect and use the following Personal Data to provide and maintain an efficient and safe Service in accordance with Article 6.1. e) of the General Data Protection Regulation:

  • Full name
  • E-mail
  • Role (teacher or student)
  • School
  • Municipality or equivalent
2.3. What do we use your Personal Data for?

In order to access certain features of Binogi, we need to process certain Personal Data

For the personalization of the Service: to provide a personalized experience with follow-up, results and recommendations.
Support: When a User contacts our support team, we may require personal information to help the User and to be able to get in touch. We may also reach out about the information associated with the user account that was specified for this purpose.
Analysis and improvement: to improve the Service and develop new Services and products.
2.4. Where is your data processed?

If you are based in the EU any Personal Data, when provided in order to access certain features within Binogi, is processed within the EU.

IP addresses, in a format that can not be automatically be assigned to a specific data subject, can be processed in the USA by our subprocessors listed on our website at any given time.

2.5. What rights do you have?

In the event that Binogi processes personal data on your behalf you have the right to:

Rectification: You have the right to have inaccurate personal data concerning you rectified without undue delay.
Erasure ("right to be forgotten"): You have the right to have your personal data erased without undue delay.
Restriction of processing: You have the right, in certain cases, for Binogi to restrict the processing of your personal data.
Object: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by Binogi.
Data portability: You have the right to obtain the personal data concerning you that Binogi has processed.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us at You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority in your jurisdiction.

If you request that we delete your account, we will immediately lock the account and remove your Personal Data within 90 days. If you choose to delete your account yourself at any time, your Personal Data will be immediately deleted. If you have an account through your school or place of education, your Personal Data will be deleted within 90 days of the end of our agreement with said school or place of education.

We regularly cull inactive accounts so that no Personal Data is kept with us when you are no longer using your account.

We will promptly notify you upon detection of unauthorized access, destruction or alteration of your Personal Data, and attempts thereto.

We will never gather or collect sensitive data. Sensitive data includes ethnic origin, political affiliation, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership and data concerning health or sexual preferences.

3. Cookies

When you use our website "cookies" are stored on your computer. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer where personal settings can be saved and allow monitoring of what visitors do on the site. Cookies cannot run programs or install viruses on your computer. The purpose of the usage of cookies is to make our Service more user friendly and efficient.

This website uses the following cookies:

Session Cookies

Permanent Cookies

Session cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. They store a so-called session ID. This allows you to assign different requests from your browser to the shared session. When you log off or close your browser session cookies are deleted. Permanent cookies are deleted after a certain period, which can vary depending on the cookie. In the browser's security settings, you can at any time remove permanent cookies.

4. Legal Requirements and Liability

In the event we process personal data on your behalf we may, where appropriate, provide, store and use your personal data within the EU / EEA as a result of legal requirements or to detect, prevent and combat fraud and / or other criminal activity, or to protect you and other users, this also in connection with an investigation, provided that this is required by law.

5. Links to other websites

Please note that you may be redirected to other websites when you use our website. On these websites, the processing of your Personal Data is beyond our control. These websites’ Terms of Service or Privacy Policies will address how information is collected and processed on said websites.

6. Personal Data Security

We wish to ensure that any data you provide us is kept safely. Therefore we have the following measures in place:

  1. Physical Security: Production servers are in a locked and alarmed room. The server room is monitored round the clock and has a security system with separate verification systems and video surveillance. All access is logged.
  2. Transmission and communication: All communication between our systems and users are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  3. Password Protection: The login process is fully encrypted, meaning that no information is sent as unencrypted text. User passwords are stored in an encrypted format.
  4. Login and Traceability: All logins and login attempts are recorded with time and IP address. This is true for the secure connection to the server. After a certain number of failed attempts to log in to the server being blocked IP address.
  5. Backup: For all critical data, the server creates backups daily in several steps according to a rotation schedule to ensure that no data is lost. The backups are stored safely in a different location than the original data.
  6. Firewall and malware protection: A firewall and a number of technical, administrative and organizational measures restricting remote access and protect our servers from unauthorized access and malicious code, destruction and modification.

7. Revocation of your consent to data processing

Many data processing operations are only possible with your express consent. You can revoke your consent at any time. All you need to do is send us an email to Please note that the revocation only applies to the future. Processing that took place before the revocation is not affected. The legality of the data processing that took place up to the revocation therefore remains unaffected by the revocation.

8. To what extent is there automated decision-making (including profiling)?

We do not use any fully automated decision-making in accordance with Article 22 GDPR. We also do not process your personal data with the aim of evaluating certain aspects (profiling).

9. Miscellaneous

  1. Change of ownership

    If the owners of our company changes, we may transfer your information and user data to the new owners so that they can continue to provide the Services. The new owners will continue to fulfil the requirements and obligations set out in this Privacy Policy.

  2. Policy changes

    If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, you will be informed of this on the website. If there are significant changes you will receive a special notification, depending on what is appropriate under the circumstances. If required by law, we will request your consent.